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June 16, 2012
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Androids by MachinesBleedToo Androids by MachinesBleedToo
This night has opened my eyes,
and I will never sleep again.

Based off a dream I had recently, mixed in with elements of past dreams about the same person.

It took an hour-ish. Photoshop as per usual. I'm not happy with it, but I think it's this art slump speaking, and considering I didn't devote a lot of time to it'll do.

EDIT: A mad case of art OCD has hit me again, I couldn't stop thinking about the parts of this image that bugged me FOR A WHOLE DAY while I was out of the house.

Fixed the left side of his face (it was too thick), adjusted the stripes on his right side to make them bend the same way as on the left, added details to his hands etc.

Anyway, feedback plox- how are my humans going thesedays? Am I improving? Where could I improve?

I know how much a lot of people hate me submitting human art but suck it up, princesses.

(It looks like human Vaughan because it is. The dream was about his real-life counterpart.)

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Been meaning to give some constructive crit on this for a while but haven't been at the computer for too long.

Anways, I think your human faces have definitely improved a lot but I'm sure you can push it a little bit further. Some of the things I say might be stylistic choices if he's an android, but I'm going to critique as though you're going for a realistic human face.

I think one of the easier things to work on would be the eyes. Right now they're a fair bit too bit for the face, and they're very long and narrow. One of the best things I've found in terms of drawing eyes is to think of them as more spherical instead of slit-like. That means that you have to show the upper and lower eyelids as curving around them; that is, the eyeballs protrude from the head instead of being sunk in or being flush with the skin. My eyes used to look like stickers when I first started drawing people, but now I've really been pushing myself to making them actually have a contour with the face.

The shading on them looks a little bit washed out. I think the catch light is nice for giving some more depth, but it kind of looks flat aside from that. You can shade the eyeball more like a sphere and do some darker shadows from the eyelids. I know most of your eyes are generally void, so that might just be a familiarity thing. Above the eyes, where the eyebrows generally are, is a little bit too sharp of an edge. I'm pretty sure that's just supposed to be an android facial feature thing though, so I'll just mention for future reference. Make the divide between forehead and eye socket a little more gradual and smooth on a normal person.

The nose positioning is very good. I have a lot of trouble making huge long noses, so it's nice to see it done more effectively. I like the shiny shading on it, because it gives a good sense of a glassy surface.

Probably my largest complaint would be with the mouth. I've busted my butt for so long trying to get those stupid things down, and I've still got a long way to go. However, I think there are a few quick things that could really help. I've noticed you tend to make the lips a bit "stuck-on" to the face. There's a bit of an attempt at incorporation but it could use a bit of work. I think the strong shading might be hindering you here, as you end up with the grey kind of "outlining" the mouth instead of leading up to it. I've found it's generally helpful to start with a skintone that's darker than pure white, and then work up to it. That way you can have a small white highlight around the lips and smooth shading up to them. I found this picture of an "average face": [link](01-32)_gr.jpg and you can see how there's a little bit of a light highlight around the upper lip that connects to that little lip-divet thing (philtrum) shading.

I think some of the difficulty might be from trying to shade lips the same colour as the skintone, but I'd definitely darken the upper lip a fair bit just because of the lighting. The black shading from the middle could also be extended a bit, since he's kind of got a bit of a pursed lips/duckface going on.

In more general stuff, the hand looks very good. I like how delicate and translucent it looks. The lines on the face are nice too (remind me of some of my guys). I think the bangs could be extended a bit more to the left, since his hair looks lopsided, and he might benefit from a bit of chin definition. The chin actually juts forward from the rest of the face (similar to the nose, but not as pronounced), so it could use some more gradiated shading rather than just being flat.

I might try a paintover of some of the stuff to see if I can show you a little bit better what I'm talking about.

Hope that was of some help!
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Im going to jump right into this one as well, as it looks like your trying out some things here.

Metallic surface? Polished look? With hair? Some things that are all difficult to do, let alone in one picture. But i have to give you credit for attempting and working on these things as most people are scared by them let alone post them to be seen. Huge kudos for that.

I like the hair, but im not sure what is going on below her chin. Is she holding someones to her chest? Tool me a while to pull something in their, but im not sure. Mabye a slight turn to show part of her face if it is. If you detailed the eyes it would look cool, but it just seems like a work in progress to me. Im drawn to the window though, as i like the rain and gloomyness and how it reflects the mood of the robot. Very nice addition to the picture.

Her left eye is missing some depth, and her brow above that should be a little below the right one to show the head tilt and perspective a little better. Great job on the rest of your anatomy. :) Some things to work on with shading is under her hair on the left side could be darker, and same with the right cheek. If you shadowed the right part of her face you could get away with the eye problem, but you have some great things going on with the cheekbone so its up to you. I like the hair. It looks like a robot wig and thats exatly what i like.Your really good on the hair. Well done!

Overall i think you just need to get in their and detail it some more and you would have something great!

Keep up the awesome work!
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crazyDoggy Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2012  Student General Artist
One more comment for you from #FeedbackFrenzy! So let's start!

This picture really is different from any other - the coloring style and mood of it is very unique and original. I love how the silver and blue mixed together compliment each other, and how the hair color is a duller silver than that of his face and hand. His chin could be a little more prominent,but that's just me - it depends on your style and the way you want to draw it. (: The shine and shadow is very captivating, and, again, I can't believe this only took an hour!

One thing I noticed when I first saw the picture - the hair. Each individual strand varies in color which is a nice touch, but on some of the thicker strands and bunches, the stroke of the brush skews to the right a little bit, which doesn't look as real as it could have been. The hair he is holding with his hand seems a little too thick, and some parts are blurred too much, which looks weird when put next to the non-blurred section of hair above his hand.
The smaller detail was that his right eye is just a little further up than his left eye. I hate drawing symmetric faces as much as the next person, but, hey, practice makes perfect ( or at least very close to. ) The left eye could also be less wide, since his head isn't facing forward.

Overall, however, the mood of the picture is fantastic!! I look forward to see what you can create in the future with all of the tips you've received from these happy deviants! (:
MachinesBleedToo Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you! Hair is always a brainspew moment for me in quick paintings so I totally understand the erraticness of it and I agree. Human eyes and symmetry really screw with me too, way too used to anthros, so I need to draw people more. :la:
crazyDoggy Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2012  Student General Artist
You're welcome! c:
Yeah hair is my biggest problem xD

Just keep practicing and I'm sure your art will be just amazing~!! :dummy:
MachinesBleedToo Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
It's not so much a problem, just with sketchy art I always get ridiculously messy with it in particular for some reason. xD
crazyDoggy Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2012  Student General Artist
I do too D: Maybe because it's just the sketchy part of my brain being oversketchy I have no idea lol xD
sparkpenguin Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
i like the metallic look of his skin, and the glowing seams in the face and hands. the skin texture is also really cool, you got the metallic white look really down especially on the lips and nose.

my only crit on your humans, which has stayed the same for a long time, is your nasal-labial lines. i know you're going for a certain realism, with the age/imperfection theme, but they always seem just slightly over-pronounced. it doesn't necessarily take too much away from your work, but i just think the mouth areas could be softened up a little.

i hardly ever crit, i actually dislike it. but you always ask and seem really eager to get any tips or feedback so i thought i would.

i really like this picture, though-- i like how you've made him the focus, and we can only acknowledge that he's holding someone. it ain't about them right now-- we've got his gaze to deal with. it's interesting like... there's a secret there. could be wisdom, could be somethin a little naughty. maybe both.
MachinesBleedToo Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks dude- and yeah I am absolutely fine with critique. I see what you mean about the lips also, =Cnids pointed that out- I think generally the lines of the face are too dark on all of my humans. <____> I DO NOT UNDERSTAND SKIN.

I've been practising metallic surfaces, and reflective ones. I'm glad it's paid off. <3
PixlPhantasy Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I still like the blue ^^
MachinesBleedToo Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Is my favourite colour! :dummy:
Thank you~
PixlPhantasy Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Same here! :la:
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